Living in Bangalore

Whenever someone asks a foreigner to describe India, the usual answer would be poverty, villages, agriculture, huge populations. On the other hand; if you ask an Indian, the answer would be shopping malls, multinational companies, culture and heritage. As a developing country India has both. There is always two sides to life in India; in one hand you have urban cities with high rising apartment buildings, shopping malls, wide asphalted roads and on the other hand you have small narrow streets, markets, street stalls, poverty and animals.

Known as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore too has best of both the worlds. Aspiring Bangalore, now officially named as Bengaluru has become one of the top destinations in India for multinational companies, working professionals and students. It has always been known as India’s most liveable city with its round the year weather, beautiful parks and rich traditions. Bangalore is always known as the technology capital of India and it has attracted many overseas professionals and workers. The city showcases different cultures and backgrounds.

a photo of cubbon park bangalore

As with all the cities in the world it offers some challenges too. Despite being one of the most pollution free cities in India; the high growth rate of development has led to huge infrastructure problems. The most common problem that Bangalore suffers is traffic congestion. The commuting time as well as the stress cause by travelling has been one of the major worries of people living in Bangalore. People those who are planning to settle down in Bangalore usually look for properties near their work places; and those who have families, they usually look for places where schools and hospitals are nearby.

There is this question which is asked frequently in forums and communities, “which are the best residential areas in Bangalore”. The answer is often descriptive; there are no such criteria as the “best”. Every area or suburb has its own qualities and drawbacks. The factors that you have to consider are cost of living, proximity to schools, hospitals, and work place; transportation availability from bus stations, railway stations and Airports; and if you are concerned about the diversity of the population, you can check that too. Investing in property or buying apartments in Bangalore can be one of the best options for financial returns. If you look at any discussion forums or communities for Bangalore, people usually rate Malleswaram for its rich cultural and old heritage. The area is full of parks, historical temples and institutions. Hebbal is a nice place, if you want your location to be near the Airport or if you want to have a house away from chaos of the city. It is a good suburb if you want apartment for rent. Marathahalli is the most sought after place by IT professionals working in multinational companies. The place is well connected to Electronic City, Whitefield and other areas where most of the companies are based.

Indira Nagar is one of the best commercial areas in Bangalore, with the number of food joints and retail outlets; it is one of the most desired places for flats and apartments in Bangalore. Koramangala is known for its startups, many companies have started in 2 bedroom apartments from this area. It boasts of hangout places like Forum and Oasis malls. Banashankari has one of the largest residential areas in Bangalore. Because of its good connectivity, number of schools and colleges, it is one of the most sought after places in Bangalore. If you want to have a taste of old Bangalore, then you can opt for Jayanagar, it has one of the best residential areas and if you want serenity with all the modern convenience, Jayanagar is the place for you. Basavanagudi, even the name has some class in it. Basavanagudi is one of the well-known places in Bangalore. With several historical temples and buildings, it is a paradise for people with taste for arts and culture. Whitefield is one of the places preferred by professionals. It has been ranked as one of the most expensive places in Bangalore. Many companies are based here which makes it a gold mine for residential developers.

Bangalore is a city which has the best of both old and new India; though it is still in developmental stage, it holds the dreams and ambitions of modern India.

Image Source : Flickr