Online Property dealing Guide

Property buying and selling was never so easy!

Formerly, property dealing involved lot of browsing through various areas and localities to find the property of your choice. Estate brokers used to be instrumental in the property dealing and they had their own commissions added to the original property rates. The same idea of real estate broker has now gone online as most of the people would like to address their needs sitting in their comfort zone.

The broker that was earlier a human figure have now become the virtual thing. The commissions are eliminated but the services remain same or even better. If you have not yet given a try to this online property dealing websites then you can do it now with our professionally managed property dealing website.

Buying Property Online

Property buying would go like this;

Step 1 – Register yourself with the website as it would allow you to check the various available properties and would also prove your authenticity.

Step 2 – Click on the buying link where you would find all available properties in Bangalore.

Step 3 – Refine your search further by entering your budget or price range, location preference, floor area or number of rooms and buying or leasing requirement.

Step 4 – Shortlist the properties that fit well into all the set criteria and then contact the owners or brokers as mentioned in the contact details.

Step 5 – Your shortlisted property would be there for reference until you end up selecting one.

Selling Property Online

Step 1 – Same as the step 1 mentioned in buying guide, register yourself with the website as it would allow you to post the property details and would also prove your authenticity.

Step 2 – Click on the seller’s link and enter the details of the property as asked for.

Step 3 – To make your property more appealing and visible, add all major details like price, location, area, number of rooms and exact availability of the property for buying or leasing.

Step 4 – Add some pictures if possible to add extra clarity to the buyer.

Step 5 – Add in valid contact details to allow the potential buyers to contact you. This can be either through email or phone.

Step 6 – Respond to the queries of the potential buyers and get the best deal for your property.

Apart from following the above steps for buying and selling of property, you may also check the following details online.

  • Before finalizing on the selling rate, make sure that you check the prevalent rates in your locality so that you fix up the best rate for maximum returns.
  • The top areas and rates are available here, so you may make your locality choices accordingly.
  • You can also look for the ongoing projects of major builders in Bangalore to invest in the upcoming projects or those under construction.

These few steps would guide you to the successful buying or selling of the property without paying the commission or brokerage to the mediator for his services.